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Wallpaper with dua after namaz

Wallpaper with dua after namaz
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Wallpaper for desktop with personal prayer (dua) after salah text transliteration and translation.
When you have completed your salah, you may pray to Allah in your own words offering him praise, thanksgiving or asking him for forgiveness for yourself or other Muslims or your own dear and near ones. For this Du`a keep sitting after the obligatory prayers, hold up your hands near each other with the palms up and fingers slightly bent. In this position you may offer anyone of these or other personal prayers.

Text on wallpaper:

  • Dua

  • Allahum-ma antas-salam wa-minkas-salam
    Tabarakta ya-dhaljalali wal-ikram
    Allahum-ma-ghfirli waliwaldayya wali ustadhi
    Walijami’lmu’minina wal muminati wal muslimina wal muslimat
    Birahmatika ya-arhamar-rahimin.
  • “O Allah, You are the Author of peace and from You comes peace.
    Blessed are you, O Lord of Majesty and Honour.
    O Allah, forgive me and my parents and my teachers,
    and all the believing men and women
    and obedient men and women with your mercy.
    O Most Merciful of [all] those who show mercy.”